Old digital negative collage print

Found my old photography portfolio hard drive tonight as I’ve got to sort through and find certain shots for album art.

This isn’t one of the shots I’ll use for the next EP, but I thought this would be a fun one to share.

The guy is from some porn site, don’t remember which, the rest of it is put together from photos I’ve taken. I made the black and white collage originally in Photoshop, then inverted it and printed a negative onto an overhead projector sheet.

From there I went into the darkroom and messed around with getting the exposure right [and I think I had to be careful and didge some areas to keep them from getting overcooked while still keeping the blacks ultrablack]. Probably took 10 tries to get it right.

Another thing I was trying at some point that I’ll have to get back to was making weird collages blending an original photograph with scans of drawings I did based on the photo. Collaged together in Photoshop so it looked like the photo erupted from the sketchbook page, then I’d print a digital negative from that so the end result was a photograph of a photograph but yet it’s still a drawing too.

Of course, with various music things going I haven’t had time for much photography beyond cellcam snapshots, first priority will be to get the disaster of a filing system sorted out on that hard drive so I can actually easily find my photos, then I’ll have to figure out where I can set up my darkroom again. Maybe over the winter.