So, I revived the Under My Skin podcast

2022 update: Well, this didn’t last long… however, I do think there will be yet another reboot of Under My Skin coming later this year, probably in livestream format, we’ll see…

Back to the 2021 post, lol:

Well, it’s been… years… but I’ve decided to relaunch my rambling old podcast. Because why start a new podcast when I have one I can dust off and relaunch?

This week includes: a nutshell recap of what I’ve been up to (including moving); the story of a grand but ruined old magnolia tree that had to be removed from my yard; Duran Duran’s Liberty (which I call “the adultery album”); some books I’ve been reading; and a bit about the latest addition to my collection of old tour program books and the missed opportunity DD could have done with their pop-up motif in their tour book if only they’d done it 10 years earlier.

Also there’s a band I won’t admit to liking even though it’s probably pretty obvious, even if you don’t read my (other) blog.

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