Free downloads


It was brought to my attention that some folks were looking for some of the old experimental releases I used to have on Bandcamp like 5 years ago, for example The maQLu Tarot.

I ditched Bandcamp probably 4-ish years ago because I wasn’t seeing much traction and wasn’t exactly making new music and other reasons, and meant to get around to putting everything up for free download here but… well…

Shit happens.

(I debated reviving the Bandcamp page but it was all fucked up and I’d have to email tech support for help restoring it, and before I could do that I noticed they still only issue payouts via PayPal, and PayPal is Satan, so fuck that shit.)

Anyhoo, this has almost entirely been corrected now. Almost everything is now up for free downloads if you go to the various album pages via the drop down menu at the top of this site under “Releases,” with a few exceptions: I didn’t bother specifically putting the first 3 EPs, blood, black, and haze up as free downloads because almost everything is on the combo album, which is up as a free download (if you really want “Wounded Animal” or “Throw Me to the Lions” that bad, the EPs are individually for sale on iTunes).

The other exception is I think I had an experimental release called Rhododendrons for a Virgin which was originally released in my short-lived New Moon Madness podcast, because like Odds & Ends, I can’t find the tracks yet. It’s on one of these damn hard drives so it’ll turn up eventually… although you can download it in podcast form at the NMM site above, just not individual tracks.

I may also upload all the tracks to Soundcloud over the summer or something like that, we’ll see.

So, while you can navigate through the Releases stuff to find the downloads, how’s about I make it easy/lazy for everyone and just list off the links here, clicking any one of these should give you a pop-up window to save the .zip file, then double click it once downloaded to get your free mp3’s: