Missive: Devil’s Night 2020

Was it a Facebook post? A meme? A dream? I don’t remember, but there was a story today of a frog looking for his princess…

A sailing frog? Only time will tell.

Not that I believe the whole “frog” line of alibi shit… let’s see his test results.


Frivolous songs for frivolous times
and frivolous hoaxes
to trap us and coax us
Sheep stay inside,
dogs muzzle their faces
I live in dark hours,
thrive in dark places
And I breathe free as before
the way Thor intended

Will the storm ever come?
No, that damn “frog” belies the hype
and hops from city to city
dive to dive
bed to bed
as always and as long
as I have been alive.

Twinkle eye, twinkle eye, big Botox star;
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
enough of the fear
I’ll see you next year.
Wear your tightest jeans,
make your biggest scene
I took the red pill,
better take your blue.