In the land of the blind…

Will be more on this in the next Under My Skin podcast, but I just heard some feminist sex educator idiot on the radio saying that “ugh, some people claim there’s a lot of man-bashing in feminism, but I don’t hear that in my circles!”

Implying that it doesn’t exist.

She then went on to say she understands why women might be against men because of all the sexual harassment and rape statistics.

(Most of which are bullshit, by the way. The famous 1 in 4 included cases where the surveyed women themselves did not consider an encounter to be non-consensual but the researcher didn’t like as being “rape.”)

(Like drunk sex, for example.)

Anyhoo… Radio twat then goes on with a weak “I mean, not all men are like that” before referring to males and their “‘bad dog’ behavior.”

But there’s no man-bashing in feminism and any man who even hints that there might be is an asshole.

And they wonder why sane women won’t touch the feminist label with a 10 foot pole.