White knight

There you stand
week in, week out
polishing your stone
Waiting for a sinner to cast it at

So that we will all cheer you on
and know that you are righteous
and maybe
—just maybe—
so that girls will like you
and spread their legs

And today you are so gleeful
You threw your stone
a feeble online softball
part of the lynch mob

And you expect us to cheer you on
and like your screencaps
and maybe
—just maybe—
we will like you
and think you noble

But I see your viciousness:
Whatever the vain boy did
or did not do
however old she may have been…
That is not why you threw your stone

No, you threw it for the adulation of the mob
You threw it because you are jealous
You threw it to make yourself feel bigger.

And I will not congratulate you
I will piss on your party
I will knock you down

If you have no sin,
go get some
and mind your own.

His sins are not for you to judge.
They are for the gods
and the courts.

Leave the others to their own fates.