Speaking ill of the dead

Ah yes, you simply must
point out Thunders’ foibles.

As if no one knew of his addictions…
as if anyone would think
that lyrical references to tracks
weren’t literal.

Or that the syringe in his hat
was only for decoration
like a feather

As if it matters now…
23 years later.

The discussion was about imagemaking
posing and portrayals
and inadvertent windows into his soul.
It was about his heart,
flashed in an unguarded moment
and captured for as long as the pixels hold out.

But you can’t stand that
it still matters now…
23 years later.

because you know
no one talk about you…
23 years later.

I will let you in on a little secret.
Spit at him all you like:
it lands on your own face,
not his.