“14 Years” cover video blog

So, I’ve done my version of Guns N Roses’ “14 Years” at the last two live shows as well as when I did an open mic, but hadn’t had any useable video footage for one reason or another.

And I’ve been meaning to start shooting more of these acoustic performance video-blog type things.

So, kill two birds with one stone and got this shot yesterday… when my neighbors went out for a pre-jam weed break after a few aborted attempts with bad camera angles or sound and just when I got things sorted out they showed up and drowned me out as they got their bass amp and drumkit dialed in.

Ah well, such is the nature of jam spaces, fortunately they decided to go rip a bongload before getting going in earnest so I did get a few minutes to track this, and then apply my favorite “Bad TV” FX goodness to it before posting it today.

Will try to get more of these posted regularly, but we’ll see what the schedule will evolve into.