Venom and longing

Yes, we know, we know, we all know
you hate him
you hate all like him
and we all must be constantly reminded of it

And you scream and snark
about things that do not concern you

How dare Depp dump his ex?
How dare any man?

(maybe she was a bitch like you?)

Get over yourself, honey
They’re not all bad
Most are not at all bad

But you expect a good one to take you on
while you spit in his face
for another’s misdeeds?

Yes, you are going to die alone.
We all do.
Even the long married
—like my mother—
we all face the white light alone.

but in the meantime…

He broke your heart
because you let him
You alone can unbreak it

And you want a new man
but you hate them all.
Where will you find one dumb enough
to mate with a spitting cobra such as yourself?

Let it go
look in the mirror
and be happy in your own skin

only then
—when you’ve shed your snakeskin—
will you attract a husband