Up to no good

Was sending a ranting email to a friend bitching once again about the stupid sexist “femcom” bullshit at college radio and joked that I should erase all references to me being female from the next maQLu record’s bio etc. and see if it still charts the same way across the country without DJs getting that bullshit incentive to play it in order to tick off one more box for their requirements.

Except then I realized people can Google search me, plus I sound sorta female.


All-instrumental would kill the voice recognition thing.

The other requires a new alias and dummy website, Soundcloud, etc.

But hey, I’m enough of a stubborn asshole and a prankster to just make a bunch of new shit and see what happens.

Needless to say, I can’t tell you what the new name for the joke project will be thanks to Google, and it’ll take me a couple months to serve it up to college radio, but I’ll keep you posted in a vague sort of way.

People seemed to really like “Say My Name” off that last album, so maybe I’ll aim in that direction. Solid grooves and electronic stuff but not industrial.

These shall be your only clues.

Update 2 hours later: domain name registered. Album title decided on along with 10 song titles. Drums programmed and set for all 10 tracks. Of course from here on it things move more slowly.