Salt water

Strange compulsion
a year to the day since the salt water
I pull into the lot closest to the sea

high tide lapping
at the thinnest stretch of sand


And I get out
my purse and my Les Paul in full view on the seat
but I don’t care
clicking the lock button as I go
telling myself it’s the sunset I want
to capture

but no

No, I want to feel the sand filling my shoes
I want to smell the salt
as I run to the water’s edge snapping photos
and staring at the lapping water.

I have somewhere else to be so I don’t hop in for a swim
or even a wade

but I tell myself
next week I will

I will leave my valuables at home or in the trunk
and bring a towel and flip-flops
and let the dark waters chill my legs
at the very least

A year is too long to stay away from the sea.