No nips

So, something that dawned on me once or twice in recent months but never really got too focused on til today when I was stocking up on bras at the La Senza sale: when did almost all bras start being made out of thicker cups such that there is exactly zero chance of showing hard nipples?

Seems to me it used to be common to have a lace bra where the cups were just that—lace—but now those are all lace overlays on top of a molded cup that’s a fabric almost like a thin foam.


I suppose flat girls who go without a bra might still show their nips through a shirt but otherwise we all look like Barbie.

Kinda feel sorry for the younger guys.

Now, cheap-ass bras of the sort one can get for $9.99 at Winners are still like the old fashioned ones I remember, but more expensive bras at La Senza and La Vie en Rose definitely are designed to allow no nipples to show through. Pretty sure the same is true of Victoria’s Secret as well.

Which for some reason strikes me as kinda weird. Maybe just because it’s different from what I came up with, maybe because it seems strangely prudish, dunno.

I recall the old comment from Anton LaVey in The Satanic Witch in regards to the old “sweater girl” look and warning not going braless under a sweater because you wanna show either a little breast or a little nipple or both but not neither. I suppose the thicker-cupped bras give enough uplift to at least comply with the “show a little breast” part.

But I keep going back to the prudish angle. Lots of chicks are all about a certain kind of sexual display, but at the same time they get pissed if anyone’s actually looking at them and showing interest. This seems to be in the same vein.

Kinda like a couple babydoll negligees I’ve seen where the whole thing is made from see-through chiffon or lace, but the cups have a liner in them. Well, aren’t you wearing such lingerie in the presence of a guy you’re going to fuck? So what’s the point of modesty on the cups, especially considering they’re either short enough or sheer enough that your bush (or lack thereof) is on full display?

Anyway, these are the odd thoughts that go through my mind late at night when I should be doing some pre-bed yoga…