Wide awake dreaming

I was sleeping
wide awake dreaming
and knew it, face down on my belly
he slipped under the sheet and laid on top of me
big hands on my shoulders
and the back of my head, petting my hair

The lights were on
garish overhead fluorescents
this isn’t my room, I thought
but I was glad of them as I tried to roll over to see his face
which I knew so well from photos
but he buried himself in the nape of my neck

stymied by his shyness

His right hand found its way all over my naked skin
back of my arm, under my belly, and down further to see if I was ready or not
then back up, fondling my chest as his knees squeezed in between mine
I arched my back a little
splayed slightly,
allowing him
and I felt his prick slide inside
tentatively, almost unsure of himself
or simply shyness between strangers
his long lithe body completely covering mine

warm rhythm of his breath tickling through the tendrils of hair winding down my neck

and I knew it was just an illusion
and I hoped I would keep sleeping so we would stay like that longer

but all things are fleeting…

he climaxed.
I woke up wet.

Come back again, love
and this time let me look in your eyes.