Tracks of the week: June 3 2014

So, finally getting shit done for the next maQLu album [or I should say, resuming getting shit done, as the album is 70% complete and has been for quite a while].

Guitars are now done on “Voodoo.” That track just needs vocals and then it joins the “ready to mix” category along with “Persona Non Grata,” “The Trap I Am In Now,” “Mister Hyde,” and “Taxidermy.”

Next up for guitars is probably “Naive Again” as I’ve done that live a few times and pretty much know exactly what I’m going to do with it.

But anyway, onto a few not-mine favorite tracks from this week:


Prima Donna: “Sociopath”:

Heard about this band a few days ago when I listened to that podcast about Johnny Thunders, someone name-dropped these guys as being in a Thunders/Hanoi Rocks sorta vein, so I course I made a note and went to check them out. Love ’em!


Walking Papers: “Capital T”:

Been hearing bits and pieces about Walking Papers and of course seeing them mentioned in Duff McKagan’s Twitter feed over the last however many months or year or so, finally got around to listening to them this week too. So far I think this is my favorite track, but I also love “Two Tickets and a Room.” [They’re all good, though.]


Johnny Thunders: “Alone in a Crowd”:

Footage from the documentary Looking for Johnny, which I hope is going to be on Netflix sooner or later so I can invade my brother’s place and watch it on his big screen TV. [I don’t watch enough flicks or TV to bother having a Netflix of my own.]


The Lords of the New Church: “Dance With Me”:

Usually I prefer their more out-there stuff, but this one popped up on my commute today, so why not…


Frank Zappa: “Montana”:


Public Image Ltd.: “Bad Life”:


Love & Rockets: “No New Tale to Tell”: