Tracks of the week: June 17 2014

The Scramblers: “Just Can’t Shake It”:

Was going to do “Rattle Snake Daddy” but no dice on YouTube. Or maybe I give up too easily/am lazy.


Beautiful Creatures: “Goin’ Off”:

Live at the Key Club, 2008 I think.


Hossam Ramzy: “El Genneyya [The Djinni]:

First belly dance class tonight. Missed dancing these last few years, glad to be getting back at it.


Izzy Stradlin: “Trance Mission”:

At some point this track came up on iTunes when I was in the middle of surfing eBay for tribal fusion style belly dance stuff [cowrie shell hip belts and the like] and I realized that one could use this piece as music for a tribal fusion choreography. It’s the only Izzy track that you could do that with, and it would only work with tribal fusion [not only because of the slower, more fluid movement style, but also in terms of costuming since the noise of zills or a coin belt would kill it], but it’s an interesting idea that maybe I’ll eventually do something with when I’m back in the swing of things more.


Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers: “All By Myself”:


Hanoi Rocks: “Tooting Bec Wreck”:


New York Dolls: “‘Cause I Sez So”: