As an occultist, one supposes I ought to be doing something special or whatever for the Solstice today, but meh.

Last couple days I’ve been running on 4 or 5 hours of sleep max, so today I set no alarm and slept in from 4am to 2:30pm.

Then got up and did the grocery run with my father.

Then grilled chicken breasts and ate 1/4 watermelon for breakfast (which was at 5pm!).

Then off to the jam space.

I’m eating pistachios and strawberries, drinking a Coke, and listening to Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager podcasts. Later, I might drag my sorry ass to the Railway Club to catch my friends in The Furniture doing a set at 1am.

Or I might stay in and play a little guitar.

I will meditate before falling asleep tonight, but other than that, nothing even semi-religious. (Which seems like such an odd adjective to use in relation to my life.)

Not sure whether to snicker at the pagans who make their pilgrimages to Stonehenge pretending like they know what rituals it was built for or envy them somehow for their certainty, but it really doesn’t matter.