Solstice update

Shortly after my earlier solstice post, I got the urge to get off my ass go for a walk on the Seawall.

Noticed lots of guys with cameras hanging around, but figured they were hanging around after the day’s races for the dragon boat festival, and it was still somewhat light out.

However, on my way back it had gone from a few guys to a few hundred all alining the Seawall, so I figured something was up, though I wasn’t sure if it was something to do with the dragon boat festival or if it had to do with the jazz festival that just started or what.

I wondered if there might be fireworks, but usually fireworks involve some sort of barge that they get launched off of, and I see nothing of the sort.

And then I pass one guy telling his impatient girlfriend “it’ll start in 10 minutes.”

And a few minutes later someone saying “I think it’s starting in 5 minutes.”

So by now I kinda guess there might be fireworks after all and go over to stake out a spot by Science World facing the Plaza of Nations.

Sure enough, there were some low-level fireworks launched off the waterline in front of the Plaza of Nations. I headed back West a bit to catch a better view, and grabbed a few pics:

Of course, it’s from an iPhone that has no zoom, so there’s not a whole lot to show for my efforts, but anyway, here are the best pics:


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5