Run little girl, another stamp for the passport, and ticked box to match it
Run from the failures here, give me silence for another month
don’t need no undermining advice today, got enough bad ideas of my own

Run little girl, pretend your husband is on the next flight or the next itinerary
Run from the candidates here, keep your hand to yourself
don’t need no underperforming stallions when the unicorn is surely still on the market

Run little girl, another accomplishment paid for, and bragging rights to match it
Run from the tedium here, keep one step ahead of your fate
don’t need no reminders of time circling the drain with your eggs

Run little girl, pretend your worldliness is your shield, protect your snowflakes
Run from the mirrors here, give yourself a head start
don’t need no stability, movement deflects the silence for another day

Don’t expect envy, I can piss away my time and money just fine here.
Don’t expect sympathy, I can get my schadenfreude just fine here.
Don’t expect juicy gossip, I learned already what secrets are worth.

Don’t expect more than the surface when that’s all you give.