No, I don’t want to continue getting spam from you assholes.


Too funny: getting emails from spammers whose mailing lists I never signed up for and who have ignored my attempts to click their “unsubscribe” buttons (or for whatever reason they keep emailing me anyway) begging me to opt-in so I can “stay in touch” ie continue getting the spam I never asked for in the first place.

You see, the Conservative government here in Canada passed some law requiring mailing lists to be opt-in which kicks in tomorrow or something like that. Meanwhile, most of the spam I get is from assholes who got my one of my email addresses off of CiTR’s website, so it’s mostly music publicists and bands who sent me unsolicited music submissions for my radio show (always ignored in both cases) who are the worst offenders, and no, douchebags, I’m not opting in.

Anyway, I’d hereby like to thank the Tories for at least getting this much right, and hopefully I find I have less garbage to sift though in my inbox as of tomorrow.

Needless to say certain parasites are whining like this is some huge plague or impediment to free speech, presumably those are the ones finding that no one’s opting in to their crap.