Aw shit!

Was chatting with a friend today about stocks and related the story of why I didn’t buy any Ruger stock in early 2012.

Basically, because it had historically been a $15 stock and was then up to $30-ish after shooting up over maybe the previous six months in conjunction with the press surrounding their campaign to sell a million units that year, with each Ruger firearm sold meaning the company would donate $1 to the NRA.

Which was brilliant, actually, they blasted through and I think actually sold 1.5 million.

I’m a cautious investor so it looked like a temporary bubble to me, so I passed because I feared the stock would revert back to $15 after the US election and I’d lose 50% of my money, even though I was only going to buy 100-200 units of stock for shits and giggles because I like plinking with Ruger .22s the odd time I manage to get out to the range.

Anyway, so I never bought RGR at $30.

And I got wondering after my stock chat how things had fared. Had I been right? Off to Google Finance:


Even 100 shares would have more than doubled my money at $61. And check out the 52 week: it hit $85! Jesus. 100 shares equals a 1970s Gibson Les Paul Custom black beauty and change left over. 200 shares is 2 1970s black beauties or one 1960s black beauty.

So… Ruger is my “the one that got away” investing tale.

Excuse me while I curl up in a fetal position and cry…