Ah, the things one overhears…

A: (blathering about his book on “mixed relationships”) blah blah blah, yeah, so there are more and more of these sorts of relationships today…

B: um, you mean interracial relationships, right?

A: (a little stunned at having to spell that out) Well, yes. And also intercultural ones, for example when someone who is very Westernized dates someone from the old country where they have the same race but their values may be quite different, which is also becoming more common—

B: Not to mention these days you can also get intergender relationships!

Um… I think B must have meant “intragender” if she was referring to same sex relationships. Intergender ones have been the standard for probably a billion year years for most species, so “these days” has nothing to do with it.

Nonetheless, I kept my big ol’ mouth shut, because I already have enough of a reputation for being a pain in the ass fun-spoiler.