A couple good articles

Hat tip to Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury for both of these:

Lumber Union Protectionists Incited SWAT Raid On My Factory, Says Gibson Guitar CEO

Aside from any union crap, I keep hearing rumors to the effect of Fender doesn’t get this shit because they supposedly donate to the Dems, while Gibson has tended to donate to the GOP.

One could come up with all sorts of theories, conspiracy and otherwise. Sure is convenient for the one major company when the other keeps getting raided on bullshit

The whole thing stinks to high heaven, and is one more reason why my nostrils flare when one of my friends tries to talk me into playing Fender instead of Gibson.

Fuck that shit.

Anyway, happier stuff: early punk guitar gear porn

Love the pic of the Ramones on the subway with their guitars.

Never knew Steve Jones’ Les Paul had originally been Sylvain Sylvain’s.

So Mick Jones of the Clash went with a Gibson Les Paul Custom or semi-hollowbody run through Mesa Boogie Mark I combo. Excellent taste on his part, and I swear that has nothing to do with it being identical to my choice in gear.