Distraction practise

Just a week and a half to go until my show at the Marine Pub in Burnaby with The Furniture and We Found A Lovebird.

This means it’s time to start practising while blasting audio from some of my favorite loudmouths: Adam Carolla, Howard Stern, Penn Jillette on the Opie and Anthony Show, and interviews with Axl Rose.

So far my favorite moment was when I reached a little pause in the bridge of “Sapphire” after the “shall I take another hit? Shall I just get on with it?”

And right at that second Penn Jillette yells out “aw, who gives a fuck?!?” (to something Opie or Anthony said, but still, the timing was bizarrely appropriate on my end with the playback).

Not gonna lie, it did startle me.

A few more days of this and I won’t even notice if people in the audience are talking during my set.

Why do I do this? Well, because I learned at the first maQLu show back in the fall of 2010 that if I can hear the audience blathering, it can throw me and occasionally unnerve me, and since nothing short of a whole truckful of duct tape can guarantee silence from an audience, obviously I was going to have to learn to drown that shit out and ignore it. And thus the last week of rehearsing before a show always involves running the set with at least 2 podcasts and a few YouTube windows up and running, maybe even that Guns N Roses interview CD I have from back in the 80s, all at the same time as the world’s least attentive and most obnoxious audience.

Because chances are no one in the actual audience is going to yell out “aw who gives a fuck!?!”, or if they do it won’t be nearly as loud as Penn Jillette will on that episode of Opie and Anthony.