Dear blowhards

Hey there, all you self-righteous pricks on Facebook loudly proclaiming that you’ll never buy any of that brand of guitars that I never heard of before tonight but apparently the guy who owns the company said something you didn’t like about gays or some such shit:

Didja use his guitars before?


Then it’s not really a boycott and frankly no one gives a fuck outside of your little self-congratulatory circle jerk echo chamber.

And life goes on… and no, he won’t go out of business because you twats were never part of his business plan or bottom line to begin with.

Just like last time I checked, Barilla pasta is still doing just fine (and the trend towards Paleo diets harms their bottom line more than any boycott) and Chick-Fil-A is actually doing better than ever.

News flash: not everyone agrees with you. (On any given topic, not just liberal talking points and sacred cows du jour.)

And the more you squawk like a screaming two year old throwing a temper tantrum about those who disagree with you, the stupider you look.

Maybe try harder to give your life meaning through actual accomplishments instead of your moral high horse, see where that gets you.

But of course that route to fulfillment and self-esteem is way harder than bitching about what some dude with a guitar company no one ever heard of said…

All this shit stinks to high heaven of something but I can’t quite put my finger on it… wait… I think I recognize it now… yes…

It’s the stink of a big bonfire topped with the foul odour of charred witch-flesh.

And I bet all those idiots screaming “burn the witch!” the loudest are the same ones who decry McCarthyism as a foul injustice.

Fucking hypocrites.