Tracks of the week: April 2

Johnny Thunders: “Little Bit of Whore”:

Still on that Johnny Thunders kick, and was specifically giggling over this one with a friend of mine.

Also cool that he takes his shots at the Kennedys, which in New York at that time was probably far more out there than when the Sex Pistols took their shots at the Queen.

Even recently, I was listening to one of Adam Carolla’s podcasts and he was talking about his book editors [based in NYC of course] telling him he “might want to take that out” when he made comments about the Kennedys.

Also, this song is funny because it’s totally true. It just takes the right guy to find that little bit of whore.


Beautiful Creatures: “Straight to Hell”:

Woke up a couple days with this in my head.


Raggedy Angry: “Digital Hell”:


Fake Shark Real Zombie: “Running for the Razors”:


Faderhead: “Coffee, Sex & Cigarettes”:


Kill City Kids: “The Ballad”:


Phil Western: “Down to the World”:


Louise Burns: “Paper Cup”: