I usually don’t post on politics as such, but in my blogskimming today I came across this:

What a real rape culture looks like

Absolutely spot on.

I will say that I think it was hit and miss in Poland and Ukraine. Certainly there are many documented cases of mass rape in Poland. At the same time, when the Reds swept through our land, they were very well-behaved. Maybe because my grandfather was an NCO in the Polish contingent of the Red Army? I dunno, but the story goes that my grandmother had tea with the general (or whoever was in charge of that chunk of the army) and she commented to him that his men were so polite and well-behaved. “Such nice young men…”

And he chuckled and said, “ah, Mrs. Szewela, I told my men they have to behave on the way to Berlin. But once we get to Berlin, then they can do whatever they like.”

And I think we can guess that they probably did.

Meanwhile here in Vancouver in 2014 there are posters in the bathrooms at UBC declaring that fucking a drunk or high person is rape (in which case, I’m an unrepentant serial rapist, and several of my ex-boyfriends probably need trauma counseling, poor fellas).

Lying to get laid also counts, so, any married dude slipping his ring in his pocket is off to jail.

And so many women have convinced themselves that every single man they encounter is just itching to rape them given the slightest chance. Oddly, the ones most loudly proclaiming this are the Jezecunt types who no man would willing fuck even consensually. But then I think psychologists have long since figured out that so many rape fantasies are essentially narcissistic, chicks imagining that they incite uncontrollable desire in men.

There is no rape culture in the West, ladies. Certainly not now. And the more these bitches insist there is because this one time, Jerry from accounting told them that they looked very nice today or some construction worker whistled as they walked by, the more they spit in the face of every woman who’s actually lived through an actual rape, and in particular every woman who’s actually lived through real rape cultures such as the post-war German women as mentioned in the article, women in the Middle East, women in African nations, women in the former Yugoslavia, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

And sure, there are a few bad apples here, and I likely ran across one the other day as told here and slightly updated here, and a couple of my friends in university did have genuine horror stories, none of which involved drunk dates, but on the other hand, that was the first time in my 35 year existence that anything even remotely close to potentially leading to rape happened.