Tracks of the Week March 11

Forgot to post last week as I was getting organized for CiTR’s FunDrive and my show during it.

Anyway, here’s a few tunes I’ve been listening to over the last couple weeks:

Kill City Kids: “It’s A Baby”:

I think I forgot to post this when it was released a few weeks ago.

Creepy fucking video too.


Slug Comparison: “Bringer of Doom”:

Doug Harrison of Fen got in touch with me a little while back to let me know about his new project, Slug Comparison.


Conjure One: “I Dream In Colour”:


Tyranahorse: “Zombie Waltz”:

Since I guess I’m on a bit of a local alt-rock kick here this week [and my Vampire’s Ball show during FunDrive was 100% local], here’s a live clip of Tyranahorse at the British Ex-Serviceman’s Association a couple years ago. I was at this show, I think just off frame to the right.


Louise Burns: “Clean”:


Sons of Daughters: “Amen”:

Usually I post video, here’s a clip of them doing it on CTV in Regina on last year’s tour, unfortunately it cuts off the last minute or so of the song:

Anyway, I’ve known Chrystal for a few years via Jakalope, but I must say I like this newish Southern rock project of hers much more. Of course, that’s likely partially because of how my tastes have shifted back to blues/hard rock over the last year and a bit too.

I think they’re working on a full album, looking forward to hearing it.


Izzy Stradlin: “Ain’t It A Bitch”:


Guns N Roses: “It’s So Easy”:

Newest song I’m working on at my guitar lessons.


L.A. Guns: “Sleazy Come Easy Go”: