Kyria Abrahams on women who must draw attention to their womanliness in unrelated endeavors.

Funny/bitchy sidenote #1: since taking up guitar and starting to hang around with hard rock dudes (and, to a lesser extent, hipsters), I almost never get the “OMG, you’re a girl and you do XYZ!” nonsense anymore.

It’s just assumed that if I do XYZ, I do it, and the girl thing isn’t relevant.

Praise be to Lita Ford.

Funny/bitchy sidenote #2: when I used to get the “OMG, you’re a girl…” nonsense when making industrial/experimental/noise, it was always either chicks making the remark or white knighting males who self-identify as feminist allies.

Whereas the more politically incorrect dudes I know who listen to so-called cock rock and metal take it for granted that of course I will eventually be shredding like Slash if I get off my ass and practise enough. One doesn’t play guitar with one’s twat (or prick), after all, and Slash plays the way he plays because he put in the work to get that good.

Guess which kind of guys I prefer?

Anyway, this International Whining Day, if you really wanna be equal to the guys, I have the following advice: Talk less, do more. And let your actions and body of work take the spotlight without you having to remind everyone within earshot that you’re a girl.