Tracks of the week February 5

Die Mannequin: “Where Poppies Grow”:

Played this one on last week’s Vampire’s Ball, kinda been stuck in my head off and on this week.


David Sylvian: “Riverman”:

This one was also in last week’s Vampire’s Ball, although I’ve been listening to it for many years. Probably 20 by now, think I got into David Sylvian around the mid-90s.

Seems to have been part of my dream soundtracks over the last few months, I guess it has a bit of a creepiness to it that lends itself to that sort of thing.

Live version with Robert Fripp.


Fake Shark Real Zombie: “Angel Lust”:

This was on a killer FSRZ album called Meeting People Is Terrible, which seems to have fallen through the cracks. Fortunately it looks like the tracks are being rereleased on Don’t Forget.


Hanzel und Gretyl: “More German Than German”:

Weird and funny with some good bottom-end boom. Love it.


Danko Jones: “Dance”:

One of many favorites from Danko Jones. And kinda funny that it came up a while ago when “discussing” [read: arguing] with a friend who isn’t a huge fan but had to admit he likes this track.

Dunno WTF is going on in the video, though.


L.A. Guns: “Electric Gypsy”:

Live in Tokyo in 1988.

Dunno if this one has been the soundtrack to any of my dreams lately, but I keep waking up with parts of this song stuck in my head this week, so probably.


Iggy & The Stooges: “Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell”:

Live in Long Beach, CA, 2013.