Tracks of the Week February 18

Just got in from a jog, which coming back from last fall’s shin injury is really still code for a walk in which I occasionally throw in a couple jogging intervals.

Anyway, my last interval would normally be a lazy slow jog because why not, except just prior to it today I was passing by the parking lot of some research/office building. And I could out of my peripheral vision see a large lumbering male form coming up diagonally from behind me on the right.

Probably some tech schlub who either didn’t notice me or who’s clueless that perhaps it’s not really cool to approach a female in such a manner, even if all he was actually doing was heading to the bus stop, but still. Just about gave me a heart attack, and that last running interval was a full-out sprint for about a block or so until I couldn’t hear his footsteps any more.

And thus, it occurred to me that perhaps the best track to start off this week’s list would be this one:

Lita Ford: “Can’t Catch Me”:

Yeah, I did a cover of it last year, but these lists aren’t for flogging my own shit, so here’s Lita’s original version.

And hey, look – girls can make cheesy 80s rock videos just as schlocky as the guys.

I do have to wonder how that chest tattoo of Lita’s fared over the years. Probably because of a discussion I was having a couple weeks ago with a friend when he heard about me getting three of my arm tattoos zapped off and how much that process sucks and he mentioned seeing “metal chicks” with elaborate skull tattoos all over their upper chests and throats and how nasty is that shit going to be to laser off. My answer: Gonna suck far worse that my laser work does, both financially [based on the extent of the tattooing] and pain-wise [closer to bone, closer to Hell].

Didn’t bother with a dedicated post this week, but since I’m on the subject, a small update on my zapping process: 2nd week post-zap, the outlines are starting to have more and more little bites disappearing out of them, a few more spots where the outline has vanished, more fine lines gone completely, more fading, and the outlines are starting to look corroded as bits of ink are attacked and carried away. All good.

But back to the tracks of the week listing…


Picked up Danko Jones’ 2012 album Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue, and I’m loving it, particularly this track:

Danko Jones: “I Don’t Care”:


Still on an L.A. Guns kick, for some reason this track sticks out into my mind to add to this week’s list:

L.A. Guns: “Over The Edge”:

Live in 2003, so hardly the original line-up but whatever. Trying to not notice how much Phil Lewis with shorter hair looks like one of my asshole exes… I swear I won’t hold that against him. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and blame the lighting.

Always think of flight with this whole album [Hollywood Vampires], probably because I got the cassette on a road trip with my parents to Edmonton, so my first impression of the songs comes from listening on my walkman looking out at the mountains zipping past.

What else…


Depeche Mode: “Photographic”:

Finally got around to getting some new photos done, courtesy of Jessica Glass. Will have some in a week or so but so far some of the preliminary ones are looking great, and thus this classic from Depeche Mode popped into my head.

This version live in Hamburg in 1984.


New York Dolls: “Gimme Luv and Turn On the Light”:

Finally starting to get into the Dolls more. I know, I know, I know…


Aerosmith: “My Fist Your Face”:

Think I’ve woken up with this one in my head a couple times this week. Must have been an interesting dream.

This version live in 1986 at Foxboro.


The Ramones: “I Wanna Live”:


And, lastly:

Izzy Stradlin: “Like a Dog”:

Since I’m running again.