Recurring dream

Had a recurring dream today where parts of it involve someone I met more recently than the last time I had it.

Now trying to remember if he was in it last time or not even though that was before I met him.

Based on some of the locations that have always popped up in this dream, such as a marina close to his place that I never went near before but that always seemed to factor in this particular dream where I’m wandering around the city trying to remember where I left my car, I’m inclined to think the answer is yes.

Good morning from the twilight zone.

(Not that there’s necessarily anything ground shaking or hugely meaningful about it if he was in that dream prior to when I met him, because while I had many recurrent dreams about the place I almost drowned for years before it happened and I’d only ever seen the place in those dreams until that afternoon, I also have recurrent dreams about fetching my mail and déjà vu about afternoons where nothing at all happens even though I keep expecting something based on the déjà vu. So I take this stuff with a grain of salt.)