Tracks of the week January 28

Hey, it’s almost February. Don’t expect a Valentine’s special, though. Or if I did, it would all be obnoxious sleaze rock stuff.

Anyhoo, here’s a few of the tracks that have captivated me this week.

According to my, I listened to L.A. Guns damn near 300 times this week, which of course doesn’t include me listening to the CD in my car. [Yes, I do always have music on in the background.]

So, let’s pick another one off their debut to start things off:

L.A. Guns: “No Mercy”:

Live in Tokyo in 1988.


Totally unrelated, this one came up a bit this week too:

VNV Nation: “Control”:

The only track by VNV Nation I genuinely like.


Women Should Not Drink Alcohol: “I Don’t Normally Do This”:


W.A.S.T.E.: “Most People Will Hate This”:


16volt: “The Wasteland That Is Me”:

Reflecting and realizing I used to listen to this track a lot when my mother was dying a few years back, partly because it had just come out and at the time I worked for 16volt’s management and had been the runner on the mix session for this album, but also, it jived with where my head was at during all the turmoil.

Ditto all of Mother Mother’s Eureka, though I had no connection to them beyond writing a little interview/blurb on Ryan for Discorder Magazine.


Mother Mother: “Chasing It Down”:

Live at Rifflandia Festival 2011.


Malhavoc: “Naked”: