Too funny.

Noticed something I never noticed before tonight: in the shot of Izzy Stradlin from the cover of GNR Lies, he’s got his pick between his thumb and forefinger and his cigarette between the middle and ring fingers.


Talk about efficiency, or at least 80% efficiency.

(And at least it’s not gross, like a certain member of LA Guns who used to stick his cigarette up his nose while playing. Or maybe that was just for a few gag photos, dunno. Still. Ewww.)

Now, I’m nowhere near that efficient with my pick hand, but then I quit smoking ages ago so I guess I can afford to let my extra fingers go unused. Just have to remind them that they do not need to attempt to cluster onto the pick alongside the index finger.

Anyway… Guitar rehearsal is going alright.

If anything, my problem is being spoiled for choice when I need only 7 or 8 songs to play live yet I have about 20 I like enough to consider playing live so I keep changing my mind about which 7 or 8 should be in the set. Nice problem to have, I guess.

Similarly, I have enough socked away to get at least one really sweet Gibson as a birthday present for myself this month, now to decide whether I want a “black beauty” Les Paul or an ES-175. Also a nice problem to have.