New Andy McCoy

Band is called Grease Helmet, with lead guitar from none other than Andy McCoy, best known as the mastermind behind Hanoi Rocks. (And for anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, Google it. Jesus.)

Hanoi was of course one of my very favorite bands when I was a kid, second only to Guns N’ Roses.

And it never ceases to amuse me when people who know me only a little bit assume that my iTunes revolves around Skinny Puppy when the reality is name any Hanoi Rocks song and I probably know all the words, but I’d be hard-pressed to recite more than a couple lines of any given Skinny Puppy track.

And now I’m on a major Hanoi kick again, in between grabbing all of Izzy Stradlin’s solo albums and loading up on ’70s Stones.

Anyway…, today Andy McCoy’s Facebook posted the link to the following track, “Nobody Rides For Free” from his new project Grease Helmet and once I managed to snag a little wi-fi down here in the jam space cave, I had a look.

The song is much better than the video, which is kinda super cheesy.

But then bimbos and flames are kinda required in most videos for this genre, so there’s that.

Anyway, I’m liking the song, and I see the album came out last fall so I guess I’d better pick up another iTunes card.

See, every so often, Facebook posts lead to something good. [I also learned today that there’s a Finnish version of Big Brother that Andy was on and kicked out of this week. Will have to screen-cap and forward that tidbit to a friend of mine who thinks I’m kidding about Andy still being kinda a big deal in Finland after all these years.]

PS: Yeah. I know. The new NIN is out now. Ask me how much I care. I’ll throw on a track or two onto tomorrow’s Vampire’s Ball, but otherwise, meh. If we’re talking electronic, I’m still far more impressed by the Faderhead faux-dubstep album that Sami knocked off over the course of a weekend earlier this year. And actually, “I’d Rather Sleep” neatly sums up my general feelings towards new NIN releases in recent years. Sue me.