Visiting relatives. Second full day but it feels like a 20 year sentence already.

Can’t sleep, don’t speak the language, already finished the 400 page Mick Jagger bio and the couple guitar magazines I brought for entertainment. Spending my nights listening to Hanoi Rocks and Aerosmith via the iPod while playing sudoku on my iPad.

Nothing like 3 people yelling at each other across the table in Polish and gesturing towards you and occasionally throwing your name in but no one’s translating.

And everything is an ordeal. They’re ordering pizza for supper tonight, and I’ve had less hassle and delay when trying to get five rock n roll stoners to focus on the menu long enough to come to an agreement on pizza ordering back when I was assisting on mix sessions. (And no, none of my relatives are high, though I wish I was.)

Thank fucking Christ I return to Vancouver tomorrow, as it is I’m jonesing for cigarettes and Chartreuse.

And no, I haven’t really smoked in 15 years and I barely touch the sauce either.