A whole album’s worth? Huh.

A funny thing happened today, or rather it happened over the course of the summer but I only noticed it today.

While focussing only on figuring out and then rehearsing guitar arrangements of songs I already put out, and while not thinking of even starting work on a new album, I ended up writing one.

Feeling like slacking off on the rehearsing tonight, I was trying to think of a second verse for a song tentatively titled “Promise You,” but instead I came up with a good chunk for another called “White Knuckles” and I thought maybe I should take an inventory of the various half-written song chunks I have. This is what I came up with:


Titles are likely to change and only three are complete lyrics-wise, but still. Seven songs. (None of which are industrial, BTW, though they may have some electronic stuff woven in when all is said and done.)

Toss in tweaked versions of the three new songs I did earlier this year in my short-lived podcast and there’s 10.


Granted that I plan to keep writing and this time nothing goes on record until it’s been tested in a live performance, so who knows how many of these would actually make the cut for the next album, but still, not bad for a time when I’m ostensibly not even thinking of writing.

And one of the seven, “Promise You,” sorta wrote itself thus far since it came from a dream where I was in LA co-writing and recording a duet with someone (will leave his name out of it) and when I woke up I wrote down what I remembered of the song. (Hey, I wrote half of it in the dream, so fair’s fair.)

Still trying to remember how the second verse went (maybe that’s the one he wrote in the dream and he’s keeping his part to himself), although I do remember the bridge and outro.

And then there’s the running list of song ideas that I have on my phone and in my notebook that I haven’t even begun to sort through.