So, I sit in the jam space, waiting for the time to come to leave for CiTR for my radio show and also awaiting an imminent death in the family that’s been too long in coming.

She was a miserable old bitch who ruined dozens of lives, and some of those went on to ruin many other lives, including via murder in a couple of cases.

And she has continued to lie, manipulate, and destroy right up to the end while always proclaiming herself a victim.

Snake, you shall either meet your maker tonight or meet the vast empty void, and I won’t shed any tears.

I will, however, breathe a sigh of relief that you’re finally gone and unable to ruin anything or anyone else. I suspect my brother will be doing the same.

And if Crowley was right about reincarnation, I hope we never encounter your evil presence again. Stay in the pit with your fellow vipers.