Construction time around the jam space, therefore street parking is all fucked up.

And to make matters worse this week we’ve got film folks on site, so all the spaces in the back lot are full.

So, I find a spot a block away, get out, and promptly trip over a folded up construction sign on the edge of the sidewalk, landing face first on the pavement.

Instant taste of blood. Fuck.

So as I sat up a little stunned, looking at my now-bloody hands and the blood on the sidewalk and try to figure out if I broke my nose in the second or two before I realize that my nose doesn’t hurt and it’s my lip and my left cheekbone, I hear one of the drivers yell to ask if I’m OK.

“um, I think so.”

Kinda poked a little and couldn’t feel any broken teeth, so I gingerly pull myself up (made harder by one skinned knee and another skinned palm). Gather up my crap. Head to the corner. Tell other concerned passers by that I was fine, I think.

And then go to the jam space to a washroom where I can clean myself up and assess the damage.


In retrospect I think I probably barged right through a shot as I stormed through the lounge, but since I looked kinda insane, with bloody hands like I’d just been in a barroom brawl and gotten the better of my opponent, and a little like my namesake Dracula, I guess no one on the film crew was going to say shit to the lunatic with the bloody hands muttering obscenities under her breath.

Fortunately the damage was confined to a split lip that didn’t seem to need stitches and had mostly stopped bleeding by the time I got to the bathroom, a huge bruise on my cheekbone, the skinned right knee and left palm, and possibly a minor pull in my right hamstring, or at least another bruise there. Could have been much worse – as one of my friends said on Facebook, “teeth intact = win,” I would say ditto the nose.

Anyway… Been a fuck of month. First the kayaking near death thing, this, and I’ve also had some near collisions on the road (and no, I don’t drink and drive). I’m starting to think the universe is out to get me, though my brother swears it’s because of the Mercury retrograde, which is over on July 20th, so perhaps the universe is only going to be out to get me for a few more days. Think I’ll spend them lying low at home, just playing my acoustic guitar on the sofa.

And I guess I’ll be spending the next two weeks looking like I had a date with Chris Brown until the bruising fades away.