Sticking to the shadows

Bass is too fucking loud, giving me a headache. Last dude’s backing tracks have a buzzed out distorted snare on it, I should appreciate it but it sounds more like a rattler’s warning than anything musical.

Lights are too red, I feel like a rabbit thrown into a python’s cage.

Crowd is too thick and too fake and I’m not even the one they wanna talk to; no, they wanna give their demos and the whores wanna give their phone numbers — at least for a start — to the hip hop producer 10 feet away and the minor star to his right.

And all I wanna do is go home perchance to write.

And I came here to be sort of social but the reality is I’m sticking to the shadows head down and not saying hi to any of the people I recognize. Trying to be as invisible as possible.

There is a time to pitch and promote yourself and a time to lie low and watch and pity that I might be the only one here who knows the difference.