So a few days ago when running errands with my father he blurted out that he’d put my new CD (Malfeasance) into the stereo in his truck and listened to it.

Kinda an awkward moment because let’s be blunt it’s not exactly the kinda lyrics someone wants to hear their daughter singing (though nowhere near as bad as, say, anything Ke$ha has ever put out). And realistically I’d probably rather not hand off new maQLu stuff to my father but he asks in his bid to seem supportive and I give him CDs so as to not come across as an asshole.

Anyway, I just said “uh huh” and carried on with whatever I was doing and let the matter drop.

Figured out how to get around this, though – I burned him a stack of CDs of instrumental/experimental works I did over the winter (Shrug parts 1, 2, 3, Suffrage, and TailChaste). Should keep him busy listening for a good long while but it’ll also avoid any awkward conversations or near conversations.