Trying too hard

At a show not that long ago there was a singer/solo artist who seems to be trying to set himself up as some sort of sexy crooner pop dude, always playing in just jeans and a tight white t-shirt, hair slicked back, and obviously trying a little too hard to be perceived as a heartthrob.

I suppose he can’t play guitar since he had a buddy play guitar backing him up. Guitar dude was a bit in the background out of the spotlight but still in the pink stage lights, and what I started to notice more and more was that for all the singer’s efforts, his guitarist was inadvertently upstaging him. The guitarist was just dressed casually, not preened, but ended up having more sex appeal probably partially because he wasn’t trying at all [and partially because the scrawny guy with a dark toussled wavy mop of hair is kinda my type].

Anyway, I doubt thing singer’s going anywhere, the hype is too forced and too obviously prepackaged, but the guitarist has a shot.