New MySpace: Kill it. Kill it with fire.

Alright, well, I did give the new MySpace a bit of a chance. Signed up, loaded up a bunch of songs [a major pain in the ass as most of it had to be uploaded 3 or 4 times as the tracks just didn’t show up, so right off the bat the usability blows].

And right off the bat New MySpace showed itself to be just as shitty as the old MySpace only with bigger graphics and worse usability. Right away dozens of bands not even in my own genre connected to me, the usual old game about boosting their own numbers, ie, no genuine connection there.

And finding people you might actually like is a bitch because the search is iffy at best.

Facebook is a pain in the ass in many ways but at least the page functionality means chances are when someone likes your band’s page they probably actually like your band [or they’re your mom or roommate being nice] because liking your band’s page doesn’t boost their own numbers. Facebook can be bullshitted and gamed like anything else, but it’s a little different.

Already on new MySpace there are bands with thousands of “fans” who no one has ever heard of. Same old shit in other words.

And I noticed I’m starting to get spam comments, apparently any kind of reciprocity in the connecting means they can post “Yo, buy my single!” spam crap on my profile. And MySpace apparently didn’t think to put in any kind of preference options on this sort of thing in advance, and like every other failure, the “help” [yeah right!] just insists that we have to bear with them because it’s still a beta.

Fuck off. Your competitors who have been taking your lunch money for years have all this basic functionality, and in fact your own previous incarnation had the same functions, is it that hard to figure that they might still be necessary in your new version?

It just seems every little thing you might want to do on SpamSpace [if it were worth bothering to to try] is less intuitive, more frustrating, and more awkward than every other music or social networking site out there. And all the shit that drove people away from MySpace like spam, usability issues, lack of preference options, etc., are there in full force.

Anyway, if you’re masochistic enough to bother with it, I have a profile on new SpamSpace, can’t say I’ll be bothering to use it but there is some music posted there.

But really, I’d recommend leaving MySpace in its own time warp.