A couple new covers

So I’ll be trying to post one cover a month this year for fun, last month it was my version of Nickelback’s “Figured You Out” and this month I have a couple [well… I missed January so it evens out].

First up is a cover I started last year as just a drum and bass skeleton to play live against when I did the Vanmusic.ca Indie Pop series last April, Tom Waits’ “Everything Goes to Hell.”

Fleshed it out earlier this week, then tracked the vocals earlier today.

Second is one I found on my drive that I had done [in its original form] while a student at Nimbus School of Recording Arts, Nine Inch Nails’ “The Day the Whole World Went Away.”

I was I think in the second music production intake at Nimbus, and my class was just me and one other guy, and by the end we really couldn’t stand each other. For the first couple of class covers we did work together, but then it was pretty much I had the 90s and did this cover on my own, he had the 2000s in the last month and did that one on his own.

Anyway, so it is a maQLu cover, not a group thing. Can’t find my notes, but I seem to recall that the toms were played by our instructor, Shawn Cole, and I programmed the rest and then mixed it on the SSL AWS.

When I dug it out and had a listen, I realized that the original vocals weren’t that great, sounded too brittle and nasally, so I retracked those this afternoon while I was working on the Tom Waits cover and then blended them into the instrumental version of the mix I’d done for class.

Pretty happy with how it turned out: