Weird dream: bedroom studio

Woke this morning/afternoon from a bizarre dream. In the dream I woke and a few of my studio engineer friends were sitting at a ProTools rig/computer beside my bed, embroiled in a mix session.

You’d think that would be the thing I thought weirdest [within the dream], but no, I recall asking them in bewilderment why they were mixing here since I don’t have an SSL.

Anyway, the editing and mixing was ongoing, the guys apparently not thinking it at all strange that they were busy working in my bedroom while I tried to sleep next to them. And then I realized that I had to piss, and was trying to figure out how I would manage that since I was sleeping nude and didn’t want to give them a show as I got up and went to the bathroom.

Don’t really remember much else, other than me trying to make awkward small talk as they were trying to chase down some issue with a track, so I guess I woke up for real after that.

Must be an adult music biz version of the “went to school in my underwear” dream.