So a week or so ago I had a cold, and as I was getting over it I saw a note from Rob @ Hipposonic about the last possible days to track at the old Mushroom being the end of March.

I figured I’d be in good shape to do some vocal tracking there for an upcoming album and booked for this coming Tuesday.

Except then last week in trying to be well-rehearsed enough for tracking I think I blew my voice out. Certainly last night during my college radio show and today it’s sounding brittle and weak even when I’m just trying to talk.


It will get better, but I’d be leery about trying any singing on Tuesday. Looks like I will be proceeding to Plan B: re-amping synths.

Oh well. I still get to track stuff at Mushroom [ie, where Skinny Puppy did most of their stuff], and re-amping synths gives a warmer, often grittier tone than tracking them directly into ProTools. Mushroom has a good collection of amps to use, and in addition to that, the live room sounds great so I can pump the synth tracks in there and get some sort of awesome room sound there. They also have a chamber where I can get a natural echo sound, so I’ll just set up a bunch of mics and pump the existing tracks out to record from all the locations at once.

Should be able to get a bunch of stuff done in the 12 hours, and while I can’t track vocals, I do have some songs where I already have the vocals tracked and I’m happy with the performance, so I can then run those through the re-amping set up and get some different textures for those too.