So, my cousin from out of town and I headed to Sanctuary tonight, it’s their first night on Sundays instead of Saturdays since they’d changed over about 3 years ago, and their first night back at the Red Room where they’d been for ages as well.

For the most part it was pretty chilled out, we sat at a table and chatted and listened to the music.

And then at some point a couple dudes in white t-shirts looking like rejects from The Jersey Shore came over and decided to insist on talking to us [I guess we must have been the only pair of females without a guy around]. Now, clearly the Situation wannabes don’t belong at a Goth club night.

Also clear is that if you’re asking complete strangers if you look like an idiot in your white shirt when everyone else is in black, the answer is yes, albeit not specifically because of the shirts.

Theoretically clear is that if you’re forcing your way into a couple girls’ personal space and they respond by trying to ignore you and pulling out their phones and checking Facebook while you’re standing over them, they’re not interested in you so fuck off.

And then Douchebag #1 says to us, “What, are you dykes or something?” Because obviously if we didn’t want to talk to a gem like him that had to be why. [He must wonder why every single female he tries to talk to is such a “lesbian” – what are the odds? How does the species manage to survive with those sorts of numbers?]

So I told him to fuck off. And then he got offended. “Whoa, what’s with the hostility?”

Let’s see here… minding our own business, you barge in and try to force yourself into the conversation in a scene you don’t belong in, you lean over our table with your fists in the middle of it, you won’t take the hint when we try to ignore you, you insult us and yet we’re the assholes? Get the fuck out.

Loser then went to the dance floor, possibly sensing the reason why I was picking up my glass was I was about to smash it into his face. His friend tried to apologize for him, I made it clear we weren’t having it [and besides, this just made me assume they were trying some sort of “good cop/bad cop” bullshit].

Loser then quickly came back and grabbed his coat and told his friend “c’mon man we’re leaving!”

My guess is he grabbed someone’s ass on the dancefloor and got smacked for it and decided we goths aren’t as “accommodating” as the bimbos at whatever club they usually go to. I believe he claimed they’d come from some place called “Candy” which I’ve never heard of. All I found trying to Google for nightclubs or events of that name in Vancouver was that the gay bar Celebrities has a night called Hard Candy on Thursdays, but that’s the wrong night and Celebrities is a long way away from the Red Room and I think it’s safe to say if they’d been patronizing Hard Candy they wouldn’t have been trying to chat up girls.

But anyway… wish I’d remembered this old Kids in the Hall sketch at the time so I could do what the redhead does. Of course, I’m guessing the answer would be into the “This isn’t fun anymore” range.

Anyway, douchebags aside [and hopefully they’ll never be back], it was good to get back to Sanctuary, and I’m glad it’s back to Sunday nights. Heard lots of good tunes, including some acts like Subversion I wasn’t familiar with before.