Second [and a half] week of December update

Well, got the masters back from Scott Fox last Sunday, new album [Malfeasance] is sounding killer. Got things sent to distribution via CDBaby, and while the official release for Malfeasance isn’t until February 1, I see the tracklist and are are up on Amazon even though the albums listed as “not available yet.”

So I guess I might as well post that here now too:

maQLu - Malfeasance

Track listing:

1. Counterfeit
2. Disco Disgorge
3. Lucky Paw
4. Deep End
5. fur + flesh
6. Say My Name
7. I Like You Better When You’re High
8. Sapphire
9. Alabaster [Creep Mix]

If you want to hear some little 30 second teaser samples of the new album, go have a listen at the Amazon page.

Anyway, I’ve been busy uploading stuff all over the place to be unleashed closer to the release date, and of course I’m starting to work on videos for all the songs on Malfeasance, as well as continuing to work on my experimental piece Shrug for debut on CiTR Radio’s 24 Hours of Radio Art on January 17.

Also have a couple other things in the works, interviews, etc.

And I spent 3 evenings this week with my eyes glued to a blue LCD screen as I programmed drum and bass stuff into my new drum machine so I can start working on live arrangements for the new songs.