Monitors set up.

Well, my monitor stands arrived today so I could finally finish the set-up in the new synth cave.

Of course, stupid Yorkville doesn’t include instructions. Fortunately I’ve assembled enough IKEA shit in my life that I have a feel for it, but it was a little odd to have six nuts, six headless screws/threaded spikes that didn’t fit anything anywhere and two washers left over, but oh well.

And since they’re adjustable, I had to correct the wobbling (one pole going into a larger pole) by taping a small strip of cardboard inside the larger pole so the smaller pole which holds the top platform wouldn’t rock back and forth and cause the monitors to fall.

I also wrapped the bottoms of the smaller piles with a couple rounds of masking tape to further tighten things up.

Anyway… got the little Behringer mixer set up as a control to flip between listening to my ProTools work and listening to iTunes or YouTube, whatever from the computer.

So, I’ll be getting work on more chunks of Shrug, but in the meantime, I’m getting my little Combichrist fix for the day.