Got a cover of “Lie To Me” by Depeche Mode on this compilation

This is a new compilation of 14 exclusive tracks, all industrial/electro covers of 80s new wave songs, put out by our friends at COMA Music Magazine. Best of all, it’s free. Go grab your copy now.

Track Listing:

  1. Deconbrio – Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel)
  2. Nousia – I Ran (Flock of Seagulls)
  3. John Omen – Strange Days (The Cure)
  4. Nitronoise – Black Celebration (Depeche Mode)
  5. FFT – Destination Unknown (Missing Persons)
  6. PRODUKT – She Bop (Cindy Lauper)
  7. Oh So ft. Loryn Sonnan – Conversation – (Gary Numan)
  8. Mickle Boulevard – Revenge (Ministry)
  9. UCNX – Adorations (Killing Joke)
  10. Cryogen Second ft. Brian Graupner of the Gothsicles – Who Can It Be Now (Men at Work)
  11. maQLu – Lie To Me – (Depeche Mode)
  12. Synapse – Send Me an Angel (Real Life)
  13. M.I.D. – A Little Respect – (Erasure)
  14. Duffy Laudick – That’s Good – (Devo)