Mercury’s the god of commerce, right?

According to my brother it starts with the Mercury retrograde. Things go on the fritz.

I figure it’s a matter of the Crackberry running a self-destruct sequence just like RIM’s stick has in the last year.

Either way, Sunday I was in mid-text and my screen went white and no amount of forced reboots made a damn bit of difference. It would work if plugged into its wall charger, but that kinda defeats the purpose of a “mobile” phone, now doesn’t it?

So, Monday I followed through on something I’d been loosely considering for months and I went to get a new iPhone 4S.

Monday evening whilst in the synth cave I noticed the old MacBook Pro I’ve been using as my portable studio was labouring. It’s a five year old computer now, and it’s been worked hard, and the current heat wave is Hell on it (it’s 27-28 degrees in the synth cave even with the fan running high). I decided the time had come to retire the MacBook from its ProTools duties, though I will still use it occasionally for video processing.

Fortunately I have a relatively new iMac so Tuesday afternoon I brought that in and adjusted the set-up to accommodate it. (I briefly considered a new MacBook but I don’t want to spend that much right now when I have another computer that can do the job instead.)

Also on Monday night at home I realized I wanted to surf the web on my phone and I didn’t want to run down my data plan to do it. So Tuesday evening I picked up a little wi-fi router for home so I can avoid using the 3G network as much as possible.

Tuesday night I realized I missed having a laptop to curl up and surf the web on during break time so Wednesday I gave in to the siren song of an iPad for web and goofing off and blogging.

So, I’m now all set, I think.

Funny, I don’t recall the last Mercury retrograde being so goddamn expensive… But as I say in the title here, I seem to recall that Mercury was the god of commerce, and maybe that’s why during his retrogrades shit breaks down so you have to buy new shit.